BEING NBALANCE provides effective, efficient and professional services and tools that are as unique and diverse as each individual’s needs and challenges.  Simply put, we focus on the different bodies (mental, emotional & physical) that human beings have and the influence our external relationships and experiences have on these bodies in our lives.

Each of us have our own manner of receiving, accepting and perceiving information. Whether you are a visual, verbal, thinking, emotional, touchy-feely, religious, spiritual, atheist or  free-thinking person, we have the best approach that fits you.

MASSAGE: Your body is a living machine made up of various systems that require a regular tune-up. Our massages provide maintenance and re-balancing to eliminate or reduce the blocks, pain, trauma and dis-ease created by repetitive physical actions, frequent mental stress and destructive emotions.

One of the best ways to receive this tune up is a massage that focuses on your entire system to release blocks, pain, relieve stress, improve focus, increase energy flow and maintain overall balance.

ENERGY WORK: This technique clears, corrects and balances the mental, emotional and physical energy of the traumas, triggers and blocks that we’ve experienced. It is done without touching the client and can be done in person on from a distance.

MDE (Multidimensional Energy treatments): my own technique based on On-Site Energetics which is simpler, quicker, easier to understand and relate to your daily life.

LIFE & SOUL COACHING: Combination of both coaching techniques to help you find and maintain your balance in your personal and professional lives.