BEING NBALANCE offers chair massages for companies that are interested in providing the benefits of massage for their employees.  Instituting a massage program can:

  1. Improve productivity and be good for the company bottom line
  2. Lower daily stress levels
  3. Decrease stress-related employee turnover
  4. Reduce absenteeism
  5. Improve morale
  6. Lower company healthcare costs
  7. Demonstrate an employer’s commitment to the health and well-being of their employees
  8. Attract amazing new staff by providing a regular workplace massage treatment

Our chair massage is a traditional Japanese pressure point massage that lasts 15 to 20 minutes and is given over the clothing on the head, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and hips. It helps to prevent work-related diseases such as RSI and the symptoms of stress. It is a very effective way to promote blood circulation, to provide energy, relaxation, release blocks and improve concentration and focus by allowing the energy pathways to flow better.

Tax benefit
Chair massage falls under the occupational health and safety regulations since 2017. It has received a favorable arrangement within the WKR. The tax authorities awarded chair massage the ‘zero rating’. This means that your organization will receives tax benefits because massages can be charged for 100% as operating costs.

Under the following conditions, chair massage is fully deductible and can be provided unlimited to the employees if:

1. As an employer you have an ARBO plan.
2. Chair massage is included in the ARBO plan.
3. Chair massage takes place during working hours.
4. The employee does not have to pay for the massage.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of receiving regular chair massages at your workplace? Contact us via the information below.

I have provided case studies about the benefits of massage on the “Studies of benefits of Massage Therapy” page on this website.