Massage therapies for Companies

One of the reasons I have included chair massages in my services, is because I know from personal experience what the benefits of receiving regular massage therapy sessions at work or at home can do. When I worked for Belkin as a demand planner, we were offered free 15 minute chair massages each month. After receiving the massage, I felt more relaxed, more alert and focused and had additional energy. This allowed me to do my job more efficiently and it gave me more motivation because I had the impression that the company was interested in my health and well being which reduced stress and provided more balance.

Instituting a massage program can:

1. Improve productivity and be good for the company bottom line
2. Lower daily stress levels
3. Decrease stress-related employee turnover
4. Reduce absenteeism
5. Improve morale
6. Lower company healthcare costs
7. Demonstrate an employer’s commitment to the health and well-being of their employees
8. Attract amazing new staff by providing a regular workplace massage treatment

We offer two techniques for companies that are interested in providing the benefits of massage therapy for their employees.
These massage therapies are ideal for companies and individuals with time constraints.
Appointments at your business can last for 15 or 20 minutes. :

  1. TouchPro Chair Massage: focuses on head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back and meridians.
  2. Anma table massage: focuses on the entire body (head to toe including meridians).

Both therapies are acupressure massages that provide energy, relaxation, reduce stress and release blocks as well as improve concentration and focus; balancing body, mind and spirit.

I have provided case studies about the benefits of massage on the “Studies of benefits of Massage Therapy” page on this website.

* All massages from 15 – 60 minutes are available at my home.