BNB Talk

Straight talk is straight communication. Simple, specific and practical solutions to your personal and professional challenges on all levels.

Sometimes the challenges we experience have roots that lie deeper and require a different approach. BNB Talk combines my perspective, knowledge and experience of how to balance energy on all levels with the following:

Counseling: Seeing, understanding and accepting the past, asking questions to provide clarity and to relate/acknowledge the cause and effect.
Coaching:    Asking powerful questions to take the client on a journey from where he or she is to where they want to be, personally and professionally.
Mentoring:  Sharing wisdom and knowledge to prepare the client for the here and now as well as for the future.

Duration: 60 minute sessions are recommended. This may vary and is dependent upon each client’s overall balance and energy level.

After quickly identifying the root cause, we work together using CCM, visual aids, tools and worksheets to allow you to measure changes, to accept and see the challenge clearly, to act and to let go of any mental, emotional and/or physical challenges that are blocking you from receiving your personal and professional growth, happiness and balance.

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Kevin Hines

* New clients receive a short intake before beginning the sessions.