Being NBalance provides tools and methods to help companies and individuals maintain balance in their daily lives. Balance is unique to each of us and changes daily. Our life style, repetitive physical actions, thoughts and emotional choices can create blocks, traumas and disease when they are not in balance with our energy and being. Our tools and methods find the source of these challenges and focus on clearing, releasing and balancing them so that your energy flows like a river; naturally and unobstructed.

Being NBalance is a reflection of my professional and personal growth as well as my passion for learning, life and people. My intentions and expectations are to:

  1. Have fun, learn, give back and pay forward.
  2. Assist individuals find balance on every level and enhance the quality of their daily lives.
  3. Realize a dream to help and give something of value to those who help others.
  4. My knowledge, insights and experience about energy and how to balance it are reflected in simple, diverse, practical, efficient and effective techniques, tools and services that can be adjusted to fit your specific challenges, interests, goals and lifestyle.

Would you like to experience less physical pain? Learn how to maintain your unique mental, emotional and physical balance while living in love, abundance and freedom every day? Interested in learning about energy and how to use it in your daily life?

Take a moment to review the services below.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your own personal balance.