I provide  various workshops in massage and energy work:

Location:  On Site (O) or at your home (H)

  1. Bowling4Balance – O/H
  2. ChakraChiming – O/H
  3. 11th Wave Massage and Energy Workshop – O
  4. 11th Wave Table (Anma) Massage Workshop – O
  5. 11th Wave Chair Massage Workshop – O
  6. 11th Wave Foot Massage Workshop – O
  7. 11th Wave Baby Massage Workshop- O/H
  8. 11th Wave Pregnancy Massage Workshop – O/H
  9. MDE (MultiDimensional Energetics) Workshop – O

Give me a call to set up your workshop.

Kevin Hines

Duration: Can vary according to the participants’ experience with the tools, massage and knowledge of energy.